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Octopus8 is a registered social enterprise based in Singapore with a focus on helping organisations in South East Asia Go Digital. We are passionate about the work we do and the wonderful communities where we work. We have extensive experience assisting different types of organisations from small to large implement data management solutions as well as automate organizational workflows that contribute to productivity and cost savings in the long term.


To create beautiful software solutions that make an impact.



Octopus8 creates online communities by building bridges of trust between institutions, organisations and people.



  • Integrity: conduct our business with respect and honesty
  • Trust: build trustworthy long-term relationships with employees and clients
  • Passion: inspire people to do their best and make the world a better place

Our Team Values

At Octopus8, We empower each staff to take ownership of projects and initiatives. We value each contribution and endeavor to deliver each client’s project as our own. We invest the time and resources to understand needs, processes, and desired outcomes. We take great pride in ensuring that our software utilizes the latest technology that we are developing or are partnering with.
We treat our clients not just customers but long-term partners. We are committed to using our expertise to provide solutions that solve real business problems. We are solely focused on providing you only the best of what is required. We are committed to transparency in the costs involved in implementing our solutions.

We believe in supporting you transparently through the entire journey from initial engagement to the implementation of a solution that fulfills your needs in the long run that is reliable, responsive, and cost-effective.

Our technical team is constantly deepening its expertise within the social services sector and is well trained in conceptualizing workflows and building systems that are specific to clients’ needs and operational requirements. The team possesses strong technical competencies and research methods to deliver first-in-class systems.
Our strength lies in our team’s open approach to understanding the realities and constraints faced and co-creating practical solutions together - the need for a trusted partner in managing change is a key tenet in servicing our clients. We care about your needs just as much as you - Your success is our success.
Our goal is to help our clients boost productivity up to at least 30 percent. We are committed to using our software to enable the less fortunate to access information and new knowledge. We actively partner with youth organizations to provide tech advisories and related services through our extensive network of Institute of Higher Learning (IHL).

We are an inclusive employer dedicated to nurturing talents in the digital space to prepare future generations for a world where technology becomes part of the new normal.

Our partners' products carry with them close to 25 years of market experience and are one of the leading CRM solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

We constantly gather feedback from our clients and partners to improve the user interface and experience throughout their journey with us. We empower our clients to make changes to the system on their own so that they will become independent and confident end-users.

We conduct in-depth User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in both in-person and virtual environments to simulate real-world scenarios. We value such inputs and interactions to help us to maintain a high standard of functionality.

We have a deep passion for the underserved sector of Singapore. We conducted a pilot study with more than 20 charities in 2020. The sustainability of the systems was one of the key outcomes we identified. We are committed to supporting our clients to be able to adopt technology sustainably through grants and subsidies from various funding bodies.

“Systems should work for you, not against you.”

Our Solutions


Charity Management Solution

Enterprise Resource Management Solution


OmniChannel Contact Centre Solution

Our Products

Connecting schools, employers and students with jobs

Connecting interviewees to video resumes, practice interviews and real interviews

Connecting social service agencies with digital solutions

Connecting people to higher education courses in Singapore

Connecting religious organisations with digital solutions

Connect students and teachers using innovative remote learning technology

Authorized Partner Products

Our Partners


Connecting new parents with trustworthy nannies

Connecting the elderly with case management and IOT


Connecting youth to financial literacy using fun games



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