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Octopus8, a new tech leader in AI-powered business process outsourcing, provides intelligent automation solutions and services in customer service, technical support, digital services, and sales. Our AI-enabled services drive efficiency and productivity while keeping people at the center.
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Make business better by creating sustainable impacts and positive change.

Our Mission

To promote inclusivity and maximize business efficiency with innovative technology solutions. As a premier trusted advisor, partner, and operator, we help businesses improve their value proposition and create opportunities for growth with superior service and expertise.

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What we offer

We Offer

We specialize in the following


Intelligent Automation for Business Process Outsourcing

  • Automation of repetitive back office processes with RPA
  • AI-enabled customer service and support
  • Sales and lead management optimization
  • Intelligent document processing and analysis
  • Advanced analytics and reporting


Charity Management Systems

  • Donor management with AI insights
  • Intelligent case management
  • Volunteer management optimization
  • Automation for efficiency and impact


Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Intelligent HR management and planning
  • AI-powered project planning and workflow optimization
  • Inventory and supply chain management
  • Integrated booking management


Dynamic CRM Optimization

  • Tight integration for intelligent workflows
  • Lead scoring and sales predictions with AI
  • Automated data capture and analysis
  • Virtual sales assistants and productivity tools


Virtual Agents and Chatbots

  • 24/7 automated customer support
  • Natural language conversations
  • Effective hand-off to human agents
  • Integrations with internal systems


Knowledge Management

  • Curated knowledge bases
  • Intelligent self-service options
  • AI-powered search and recommendations
  • Reduced calls for greater efficiency


Customer Journey Analytics

  • Map cross-channel customer journeys
  • Identify trends, pain points, and opportunities
  • Develop predictive models to optimize CX
  • Enable proactive customer engagement


Omnichannel Customer Engagement

  • Unified customer experience across all channels
  • Instant messaging, social media, in-app messaging
  • Smart IVR and natural language call handling
  • Co-browsing for personalized engagement

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